Spa Treatments

Revitalizing treatment:
Revitalizing treatment : an all-round general treatment to give back a sense of vitality; ideally suited to nervous, or timid dogs or those with past trauma.

Relaxing treatment:
Relaxing treatment : a restorative treatment to combat against the symptoms of tiredness and stress; great for agility, show, and working dogs, and active pets.

Circulation treatment:
Circulation treatment : a treatment to reactivate blood circulation; suitable for elderly pets or those who don’t get a lot of exercise

Reactivating treatment:
Reactivating treatment : this treatment reactivates the function of the cutis; ideal for those suffering with skin conditions, have heavy shedding, or in need of restoring skin health.

Anti stress treatment:
Anti-stress treatment : great for relaxation and ideal for those having underwent a stressful situation such a moving home or hormonal imbalances.

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